I am a creative visual artist.  My artwork is an amalgamation of past and present.  Most of my inspiration comes from my own life story and from the interactions I have with the people I meet along my artistic journey. 

My use of bold and brightly pigmented colours come from my love of street art, graffiti and expressionism. I work mainly with soft pastels, acrylics and ink but I also work digitally and with print. I work in a variety of styles: conceptual, abstract, realistic and surrealistic and each piece I create is completely different and unique. 

Exhibitions and features:

Islington Arts Factory

15 February 2019



3 February 2019

London, Uk


Limmud Conference

23-27 December 2018

Birmingham, Uk


Brighton Pride

23 July- 5 August

Brighton, UK


The Atrium Exhibition - OCCUPY

12-16 March 2018,



My Story - Limmud Conference

23-27 December 2017

Birmingham, UK


Barberette -

5-30 January 2017



Ifad - Intensive Foundation in Art and Design

September 2016- August 2017

Middlesex University, London


JW3-The Incubator Project-

11 June 2015




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